Produce Candles

United States

The story of Produce is one of passion and curiosity. Founder and farmers market enthusiast, Beau Burdette, began travelling to farmers markets in the South Eastern United States, becoming influenced by the sights, sounds and smells in the market place. He was fascinated by the diversity of produce and decided to distill the experience with Produce Candles.

The candles are made entirely by hand from 100% soy wax in South Carolina. Produce offers a core collection and because their candle selection is based on fresh produce, it also offers seasonal options.

Produce also takes very seriously its role in the community and the company has formed a partnership with the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department in an effort to hire individuals to join its closely knit and growing team of candle makers. Over the past three years, over 30 disabled employees have joined the crew after completing on-the-job vocational training.