United States

STAACH, a collaborative design group that adheres strongly to a sustainable design manifesto, was created in 2005 by Seth Eshelman. Eshelman has been exposed to architecture, design and carpentry since a young age, and through his schooling in both the United States and Scandanavia he has honed his skills and refined his design concepts by experimenting beyond comtemporary limitations and philosophies. Although STAACH is still a young company, it thrives by following the concept of creating new, functional, avant-garde pieces. All of STAACH's products are designed for maximum material yield and functional use in residential and commercial applications. The Cain collection is a response to a need for well-designed, simple and affordable furniture that  encompasses sustainability in manufacturing and design.

STAACH's sustainability strategy inovlves the use of domestic resources, talent and labour that builds a self-sufficient way of living and has minimal enviornmental impacts. It sources sustainably forested Ash and Poplar from New York and Pennsylvania. The production process uses non-toxic wood glues, water-based clear and colour stain laqueur, and finishes that are all lead-free, HAPS free, and water soluble. Each piece of furniture is made by hand in the STAACH workshop in Rochester, New York, using only two tools.

STAACH will realize its vision for sustainability by creating one of the first LEED and ISO certified energy self-reliant furniture manufacturing facilities in the United States.