Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Vacavaliente is a dynamic and diverse design studio led by Pedro Ressig and Matias Fernandez Moores. The heart of the company is its Design Lab, where products are created using the untapped possibilities of leather as a design material.

Vacavaliente's designs blend synthesis and expression. Forms are reduced to their minimal geometrical expression based on the designers' research into techno-morphology, rooted in nature's own structural principles as a strategy for design. And designers work with themes that have clear and strong identities allowing for figurative and symbolic gestures, which create space for the user to participate.

The pieces from Vacavaliente are made with a material new to design made from reclaimed leather off-cuts from Argentina's legendary leather industry. This material, also known as bonded leather, is  composed mainly of leather scraps and shavings from the tanning industry, which generally end up in landfills. The re-use of these by-products helps reduce waste, contamination and demand for natural leather, while creating new possibilities for design.

objects by: Vacavaliente